By-election preparation: office of chief returning officer set up

-Narayan Neupane             Kathmandu, Nov 3 (RSS): The offices of the chief returning off

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-Narayan Neupane

            Kathmandu, Nov 3 (RSS): The offices of the chief returning officers have been set up in four districts for the upcoming by-election being scheduled for November 30.The by-election is being held for the vacant posts of a member of the House of Representatives, State Assembly, and some local levels.

            The office of the chief returning officers was established in Kaski, Bhaktapur, Baglung and Dang districts, the Election Commission said, adding that the local levels would however have the offices coming Wednesday. There are vacant posts of various members at the local levels of 33 districts.

            For the by-election, a total of 37 districts will have 48 offices of chief returning officers and election officers.The by-poll is being conducted for a member of the House of Representatives, a mayor of sub-metropolis, three rural municipalities’ chairpersons, one rural municipality’s vice-chairperson and 43 wards chairpersons.

            Filing of candidacy for the House of Representatives and State Assembly member is scheduled for November 7. Similarly, nomination for the by-election of local level members is slated on November 13.The Election Commission has allocated 16 days for the election publicity of the member of House of Representatives and of State Assembly, while those fighting at local levels get 10 days.

            There will be 537 voting centres for the election. The number of voters is 454,114. Ninety-five political parties out of 101 eligible to take part in the by-election will be competing in the elections for the House of Representatives and State Assembly member. Only seventy-eight parties will have the right to take in the by-election at local -level. 

            The EC has approved similar types of ballot papers for the House of Representatives and State Assembly member’s elections. There are two samples of ballot papers.

      Fifty-six types of election materials are required for conducting the elections and of them, forty-two types of materials will be supplied by the EC to the respective constituencies and the remaining 14 sorts of stuffs will be managed by the respective District Election Offices.  Arrangements have been made by the EC for the production and distribution of materials such as posters, sample ballot papers, pamphlets and handbooks necessary for the operation of voters’ education programmes.

            There will be two people in every ward witnessing the by-election to conduct the voters’ education classes. It means 314 voters’ education facilitators will be mobilised from November 21 for a week. They will inform voters about right process of voting upon reaching their doorsteps.